Whether you’re a parent preparing a child for grade school or an adult transitioning into or out of college, the back-to-school season can present unique challenges for families and individuals with autism. Not only do schedules and priorities change, but social and sensory processing skills are tested in new environments with new people. As with any transition period, it can be challenging to navigate and cope with these changes. Take a look at these informative articles and webinars to gain insight and tips on what to expect from these transitions.

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Diet & School Lunch Planning

Research suggests that individuals with autism may experience gastrointestinal problems more frequently than their peers. Learn tips for transitioning to school routines while maintaining hydration and nutritional needs with these helpful videos and articles. 

Scheduling & Planning

Deadlines, schedules and events can be difficult to manage for students on the spectrum. Learn how to stay organized by using your/your loved one’s strengths and learning abilities to schedule and plan this school year.

Therapy & Education Plans

Working effectively with schools to implement educational plans can be a daunting task for parents and students with autism.  Learn about evidence-based, positive therapies and teaching techniques that have proven effective for some individuals on the spectrum.

Bullying & Mental Health

Anxiety and depression are common comorbidities for autistic students and can be exacerbated by bullying and transition periods. It is important to understand the consequences of mental health issues and learn how to recognize and handle bullying quickly.


Safety precautions can be difficult to address in any setting. Learn what precautions to take and how to adapt those to different environments with these informative webinars.

Social Skills

Social skills are important at every stage of development and can increase quality of life. Check out these webinars and articles for tips on teaching social skills to students at every age.

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The transition to work from school can be difficult for some individuals. Discover what support systems exist for those on the spectrum and get tips on training yourself for the workplace from other neurodiverse people in these articles.

Life Stage Transitions

Life stage transitions can help you focus on personal strengths and master practical skills. Learn from other autistic adults who have successfully navigated life stage transitions and discover what universities have to offer for your transition to college.

Identity & Self Advocacy

Self identity and advocacy are difficult aspects of life, especially for individuals on the spectrum. Find your voice and learn to understand your loved ones on the spectrum with these panel discussions and presentations on self-advocacy and identity.

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