ARI’s 2022 Accomplishments

At ARI we understand what it means to be different because ARI has always been unique. We have learned a lot over the past 56 years. We continue

ARI’s 2022 Accomplishments2023-11-29T12:12:47-05:00

Sexual Victimization in Autism

In this article: Chronic maltreatment and sexual victimization Trauma and quality of life Risk Factors What can we do? A safer future Resources Despite evidence to

Sexual Victimization in Autism2023-09-01T15:35:46-05:00

Gender Discomfort and Autism

"I think society has an expectation where you have to be male or female, or you can be somewhere in between [...]. But they don't get that, actually,

Gender Discomfort and Autism2023-11-02T14:44:29-05:00
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