Autumn and the holiday season brings its joys – and potential challenges – for people with autism. Costumes, candy, disrupted routines, travel, house guests, and new foods and experiences abounding, it can be completely overwhelming. Tips, tricks, recipes, and activities are plentiful online; here is a list of resources from around the web that can help you plan for the festivities.

Holiday Social Stories

High Holiday visual supports from Gateways to Jewish education

Halloween Teaching Story from Autism Speaks

Trick or Treating Social Story from Communication Station

Thanksgiving Social Story from Positively Autism

Hanukkah Social Story from

Free Online Recipes & Candy Guide

Specific Carbohydrate Diet: Pecanbread & SCD Recipe

Gluten/Casein/Soy Free – Nourishing Meals

Prep for Annual Physicals / Cold & Flu Season

Blood draws – video social story

Positioning for comfort and medical play – for easing anxiety during medical procedures

Compassionate medical care (video) – Temple Grandin, PhD

Resources for Covid

Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season the Johnson Center

Eating Well for Immune Health the Johnson Center

Resources for Family & Friends

Choosing a Toy for a Child with Autism

Did We Miss Something?

The Science of Making Friends for Autistic Youth: Lessons from the UCLA PEERS Program

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