Food and Sleep

Registered Dietician Vicki Kobliner describes nutritional strategies for improving sleep. Handouts are online HERE (.pdf) Vicki Kobliner MS RDN,

Food and Sleep2022-03-02T18:13:24-05:00

Optimizing Preconception Health Through Nutrition

Vicki Kobliner, MS RDN, CD-N, discusses steps for optimizing preconception health through good nutrition and healthy environments. She discusses the US healthcare systems and statistics and asserts

Optimizing Preconception Health Through Nutrition2023-03-02T12:14:01-05:00

Gluten-free/casein-free diets – research updates

Director of the Nutrition Clinic at the Johnson Center for Child Health and Development, Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN, discusses gluten-free and casein-free diets (GFCF) in autism. She

Gluten-free/casein-free diets – research updates2023-03-17T03:44:32-05:00

Holiday SOS: Ask the Nutritionist

Facing airplane food with a picky eater? Visiting grandma's and expecting mountains of sweets? Looking for recipes to support loved ones with food allergies? Join this

Holiday SOS: Ask the Nutritionist2019-12-04T15:12:13-05:00

Nutritional Strategies for Regulating Mood in ASD – Q&A

Vicky Kobliner answers questions about nutritional strategies for regulating mood in autism. She covers constipation, hydration, food sensitivities, inflammation, vitamin D, food-chaining, and much more. The speaker discusses

Nutritional Strategies for Regulating Mood in ASD – Q&A2023-04-12T11:20:50-05:00

*Q & A: Ask the Nutritionist, June 2019

Ever had a question you wanted to ask a nutritionist? Here's your chance - Kelly Barnhill will be taking participant's questions live during this webinar. Published:

*Q & A: Ask the Nutritionist, June 20192019-09-11T07:51:48-05:00

*The Ketogenic Diet in ASD – Part 1

Kelly Barnhill, MBA, CN, CCN serves as the Nutrition Coordinator for ARI. She is also Director of the Nutrition Clinic and the Clinical Care Coordinator at the Johnson Center

*The Ketogenic Diet in ASD – Part 12019-09-11T10:05:29-05:00
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