Gestational Influences and Autism

Dr. Judy Van de Water, Ph.D., explores the role of gestational factors in the development of autism. She explains how maternal immune activation, antibody patterns, and immune markers

Gestational Influences and Autism2023-06-20T21:04:21-05:00

Optimizing Preconception Health Through Nutrition

Vicki Kobliner, MS RDN, CD-N, discusses steps for optimizing preconception health through good nutrition and healthy environments. She discusses the US healthcare systems and statistics and asserts

Optimizing Preconception Health Through Nutrition2023-03-02T12:14:01-05:00

Prenatal stress and neurodevelopment

Dr. Beversdorf discusses prenatal stress and its implication in autism etiology. He provides a brief history of autism heredity, epigenetics, and the role of serotonin. The speaker details

Prenatal stress and neurodevelopment2023-04-24T04:06:06-05:00

Environmental Influences and ASD – Jamie DeWitt, PhD

Free certificates of participation are available upon successful completion of a brief knowledge quiz at: Published: 01/24/2018 The DeWitt Laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology

Environmental Influences and ASD – Jamie DeWitt, PhD2022-02-03T09:46:30-05:00

Gestational Influences & ASD

Dr. Judy Van de Water joined the faculty in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis

Gestational Influences & ASD2021-07-19T14:08:54-05:00

Think Twice: Interventions

Whether you go to see your regular pediatrician, a specialist in autism or an integrative physician, you should know what questions to ask and why they may

Think Twice: Interventions2021-07-19T14:09:46-05:00
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