Video Presentation: Science Behind Nutritional Support for ASD – K Barnhill, MBA, CCN, CN

At first glance, the research behind special diets for autism appears to be mixed, yet parents often insist on trying them. Tune in for this talk by Kelly Barnhill, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, as she untangles autism dietary myths from realities, and examines relevant information from published medical research.

This talk will: (1) Review the available clinical and research data that warrants dietary analysis, treatment, and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. (2) Discuss the impact of improving a child’s nutritional status on response and outcome measures associated with behavioral, speech, occupational, and physical therapies and education. (3) Provide an overview of common dietary interventions employed by families in treating autism spectrum disorder.

Kelly Barnhill, CN, CCN serves as the Nutrition Coordinator for ARI. She is also Director of the Nutrition Clinic and the Clinical Care Coordinator at the Johnson Center for Child Health and Development. In her private practice, Kelly focuses on building appropriate dietary and supplementation protocols for children with developmental delays and disorders, siblings of affected children, and children with significant gastrointestinal disease. Kelly also has expertise in prenatal and infant nutrition. She practices in Austin, Texas.