Individuals with autism and their families have a great deal of experience and can provide helpful information on the benefits-and adverse effects- of the large variety of drugs and other interventions that have been used to address medical and behavioral symptoms. Since 1967, the Autism Research Institute has been collecting feedback about the usefulness of a variety of interventions.

Ratings of Behavioral Effects of Biomedical Interventions Survey

Data have been collected from the more than 26,000 individuals and family members who have completed our questionnaires designed to collect such information. ARI’s ratings report responses on a six-point scale combined into three categories: “made worse” (ratings 1 and 2), “no effect” (ratings 3 and 4), and “made better” (ratings 5 and 6). The “Better:Worse” column gives the number of children who “Got Better” for each one who “Got Worse.”

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