Wenn Lawson, Ph.D.

Autism Research: Nothing About Me Without Me

Dr. Wenn Lawson discusses “nothing about us without us” and capacity building to enable the benefits of participatory research co-production. He differentiates traditional, participatory, and co-production research methodologies

Autism Research: Nothing About Me Without Me2023-11-02T15:08:24-05:00

Gender Dysphoria and ASD

Wenn Lawson, Ph.D., discusses gender dysphoria (GD) and how it shapes the lives of many individuals with autism. He outlines a single-minded focus concerning social and cultural constructs of

Gender Dysphoria and ASD2024-01-19T17:58:41-05:00

Aging and Autism

Wenn Lawson, Ph.D., dives into aging and the autism spectrum. Speaking from personal and professional experiences, he discusses memory, movement, sensory profiling, language, and autonomy as they pertain

Aging and Autism2024-03-07T14:50:27-05:00
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