Social Skills

Gender, Sexuality, and Autism

Dr. Wenn Lawson, Ph.D., delves into the intersection of autism, sexuality, and gender. He describes monotropism as a theory of attention and addresses common sex differences

Gender, Sexuality, and Autism2024-07-17T14:04:11-05:00

Autism and Trauma

Dr. Connor Kerns discusses research on the prevalence, sources, and impact of traumatic experiences in autistic people. She underscores the prevalence of childhood adversity in autistic groups

Autism and Trauma2024-07-17T09:01:45-05:00

Motor Skills and Executive Function in Autism

Megan MacDonald, Ph.D., and Megan McClelland, Ph.D., discuss emerging research on the relationship between motor skill development and executive function in autism. They define motor skills and executive

Motor Skills and Executive Function in Autism2024-07-10T11:19:19-05:00

How Games Foster Social Connection

Doctors Liam Cross & Gray Atherton discuss research suggesting that board game skills may be a lifelong bridge to engaging with peers. They provide context for the

How Games Foster Social Connection2024-07-08T18:39:23-05:00

Gender and Autism

Gray Atherton, Ph.D., details the socialization of the female gender experience and how that plays into autism gender biases. The speaker discusses the experiences of autistic women,

Gender and Autism2024-02-29T16:44:54-05:00

Anthropomorphism and Autism

Dr. Gray Atherton, Ph.D., explores the connection between autism and anthropomorphism. She provides a brief historical and social context for anthropomorphism in our daily lives before

Anthropomorphism and Autism2024-01-10T15:02:35-05:00

Social Media Use and Autism – Teens and Adults

Pamela Wisniewski, PhD, presents new research about the online and social media experiences of autistic teens and young adults. Her research findings emphasize teaching teens how

Social Media Use and Autism – Teens and Adults2024-01-10T15:09:50-05:00

Understanding and Treating Challenging Behaviors

Part One: Challenges when your son or daughter is experiencing a difficult time Paul Shattock provides a parent's perspective on handling his son Jamie’s challenging behaviors and describes

Understanding and Treating Challenging Behaviors2022-08-11T09:59:24-05:00

Social Skills and ASD

Jed Baker, PhD presents strategies for lowering anxiety and helping individuals with ASD confront their fears while increasing social skills. Handouts in PDF

Social Skills and ASD2021-07-19T13:56:41-05:00
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