Back-To-School Strategies for Autism

Playback in English: Playback in Spanish: Learn evidence-based strategies for supporting students with autism as they transition back to the classroom.

Back-To-School Strategies for Autism2022-08-31T21:07:48-05:00

*ASD and Technology

Presented by Morgan Devlin If you would like to download a Certificate of Attendance, please visit After successfully completing a short quiz, your certificate will be

*ASD and Technology2019-11-11T10:22:47-05:00

*Social Media and ASD

Social media is becoming more and more prevalent in our culture and communities and the use comes with a long list of pros and cons. Join us as we

*Social Media and ASD2019-09-12T04:26:42-05:00

Technology Updates: Gadgets for ASD

Handouts (.pdf format) are online at: Free certificates of participation will be available upon successful completion of a brief knowledge quiz. The quiz will be available

Technology Updates: Gadgets for ASD2021-07-19T14:16:14-05:00

*Augmentative Communication and ASD

Many people with ASD are non-verbal, or have limited verbal abilities while having age-appropriate (or better) receptive language skills; this can cause problems with communicating wants and

*Augmentative Communication and ASD2019-09-17T08:35:12-05:00
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