Autism Spectrum Disorders

Anthropomorphism and Autism

Handouts are online (.pdf) HERE Learn about recent findings suggesting that autistic individuals may be more likely to anthropomorphize, the tendency to ascribe human-like attributes,

Anthropomorphism and Autism2023-10-25T17:38:47-05:00

Social Media Use and Autism – Teens and Adults

Pamela Wisniewski, PhD, presents new research about the online experiences of autistic teens and young adults. Her research findings emphasize teaching teens how to leverage technology

Social Media Use and Autism – Teens and Adults2023-12-06T18:45:19-05:00

Pain, Sensory Issues and Autism

Dr. Tami Bar-shalita, Merry Kalingal Levi, and Dr. Yelena Granovsky explore the intricate connections between pain, sensory perception, and autism. They discuss quantitative and qualitative research findings

Pain, Sensory Issues and Autism2023-11-27T18:07:19-05:00

Autism and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Updates

Dr. Emily Casanova and Rosie Head discuss research updates on Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) and their overlap with autism. Casanova outlines ongoing research investigations into the genetic factors that

Autism and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Updates2023-06-20T21:42:26-05:00

Aquatic Therapy Programming for Individuals with Autism

Jennifer Knott, CTRS, discusses aquatic therapy programming for autistic individuals. She highlights the potential of such programs for removing barriers to involvement and expanding individual recreation repertoire to

Aquatic Therapy Programming for Individuals with Autism2023-11-02T15:01:32-05:00

Gestational Influences and Autism

Dr. Judy Van de Water, Ph.D., explores the role of gestational factors in the development of autism. She explains how maternal immune activation, antibody patterns, and immune markers

Gestational Influences and Autism2023-06-20T21:04:21-05:00
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