Autism Spectrum Disorders

Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood

Free webinar at 1 p.m. Eastern time (US), Wednesday, May 15, 2024 Tune in to this presentation by Dr. Einat Waizbard-Bartov to learn about how autism symptoms change

Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood2024-01-10T11:53:41-05:00

Autism and Sleep – Research Updates

Learn research updates on co-occurring sleep disturbances and autism. To participate in the study mentioned in the presentation, see: Participate in our Research -

Autism and Sleep – Research Updates2024-04-17T17:37:25-05:00

How Games Foster Social Connection

Learn about research that suggests that fostering game skills may serve as a lifelong bridge to engaging with peers. Handouts are online HERE

How Games Foster Social Connection2024-03-21T12:54:52-05:00

The Gut, Autism, and Mental Health

Learn about the relationship between the gut-brain axis, mental health, and autism. The speaker: Calliope Holingue, MPH, PhD is a

The Gut, Autism, and Mental Health2024-03-07T16:27:13-05:00

Gender and Autism

Gray Atherton, Ph.D., details the socialization of the female gender experience and how that plays into autism gender biases. The speaker discusses the experiences of autistic women,

Gender and Autism2024-02-29T16:44:54-05:00
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