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Gender, Sexuality, and Autism

Dr. Wenn Lawson, Ph.D., delves into the intersection of autism, sexuality, and gender. He describes monotropism as a theory of attention and addresses common sex differences

Gender, Sexuality, and Autism2024-07-17T14:04:11-05:00

Autism and Trauma

Dr. Connor Kerns discusses research on the prevalence, sources, and impact of traumatic experiences in autistic people. She underscores the prevalence of childhood adversity in autistic groups

Autism and Trauma2024-07-17T09:01:45-05:00

Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood

Dr. Waizbard-Bartov discusses changes in autism symptoms across childhood. She outlines the Autism Phenome Project and study methods for her recent work. The speaker presents findings on

Changes in Autism Symptoms Across Childhood2024-07-16T10:43:49-05:00

Autism and Sleep – Research Updates

Dara S. Manoach, Ph.D., discusses research updates on autism and sleep. She outlines aspects of a good night’s sleep and emphasizes the role of sleep cycles

Autism and Sleep – Research Updates2024-07-10T10:12:13-05:00

Autism & Aging – Cognition and Well-being

Hilde Geurts, Ph.D., discusses the impact of aging on health, quality of life, and cognition in autistic adults. She discusses aging in the general population and

Autism & Aging – Cognition and Well-being2024-07-08T18:34:40-05:00

How Games Foster Social Connection

Doctors Liam Cross & Gray Atherton discuss research suggesting that board game skills may be a lifelong bridge to engaging with peers. They provide context for the

How Games Foster Social Connection2024-07-08T18:39:23-05:00

The Gut, Autism, and Mental Health

Dr. Calliope Holingue, MPH, Ph.D., provides an overview of the intersection between the gut, autism, and well-being. She outlines recent studies on the GI needs and

The Gut, Autism, and Mental Health2024-07-17T09:16:42-05:00
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