Brain and tissue banks serve the critical purpose of collecting, preserving and distributing tissue to qualified scientific investigators who are dedicated to the improved understanding of autism spectrum disorders and the development of effective treatments.

Donated tissue may provide key information necessary to help gain a better understanding of co-occurring conditions associated with autism.

Tissue donation is accepted by most major religions.  All costs incurred by the donation are covered by the tissue bank. The procedure to recover tissue does not interfere with a traditional funeral service.

Parents and caregivers are urged to register their loved ones by contacting the University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank – sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and ARI or Autism BrainNet sponsored by SFARI and Autism Speaks:

Autism BrainNet

Toll-free: (877) 333-0999
Email Autism BrainNet

University of Maryland Department of Pediatrics

Toll free: 800-847-1539
Email University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank