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Moira Peña, BScOT, MOT, OT Reg (Ont.), discusses sensory processing strategies for home. She describes how atypical sensory processing affects lived experiences of individuals with autism and outlines three sensory profiles. Peña dives into the sensory diet approach noting short- and long-term goals and the importance of the “power senses.” She provides examples of strategic sensory schedules and environmental adaptations and emphasizes the importance of co-regulating and leisure activities. Peña celebrates individual differences in autism and suggests that productive failures are part of the process. She provides more resources and tools before opening the question-and-answer session.

Ms. Peña offers a presentation on this topic in English HERE

About the Speaker

Moira Peña, BScOT, MOT, OT Reg. (Ont.) is an experienced occupational therapist working with children and youth on the autism spectrum at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is an Expert Hub Team member of the ECHO Ontario Autism Program which aims to further develop pediatricians’, school psychologists’ and teachers’ skills to best support autistic children and youth and their families. A published researcher, she has presented nationally and internationally to parents, teachers, occupational therapy practitioners and other health care professionals. Moira is also the proud creator and host of Holland Bloorview’s Autism Summit.

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