Depression as co-occurring condition in autism is frequently reported, but there is not a consensus on the risk factors. Tune in to learn about recent research on the inter-relationship between the two conditions and the clinical implications.

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Farhad Montazeri M.D. conducts research in the field of Child Psychiatry, at Yale Child Study Center. He completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship in the field of Genetics at Yale University prior to his current affiliation with the Yale Child Study Center. His research is focused on Network Modeling of Psychiatric disorders, especially ASD, and its related comorbidities, like depression and anxiety. Dr. Montazeri’s network models are composed of interrelated phenotypical phenomena and, among others, they are used to study the (co)relationship between different manifestations of psychopathologies and their change at different states, for example in cases versus controls or before and after an intervention, etc.

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