The increasing moves towards the pluralisation of autism — ‘the autisms’ — and the many routes to a diagnosis of autism. What studying dietary intervention for autism suggests regarding metabolomics and the bigger picture of individualised autism science.

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This is a joint presentation by ARI and The World Autism Organisation.

About the speaker:

Paul Whiteley, PhD has been involved in autism research for 25 years under the tutelage of Paul Shattock. He has worked at ESPA Research for 10+ years. Dr. Whitetely’s research interests include (i) the efficacy, safety and science behind dietary intervention for autism, (ii) the role of physical health and wellbeing in autism, and (iii) metabolomics and the potential for biological markers to aid early screening and timely diagnosis of autism and (iv) the pluralisation of autism (‘the autisms’).

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Food and Sleep

March 1st, 2022|Nutrition, Sleep, Ways to Help, Webinar|

Vicki Kobliner, RDN, CD-N, describes nutritional and lifestyle strategies for improving sleep and overall health for autistic people. She discusses circadian rhythm and balancing cortisol and melatonin cycles throughout the day.